IMAG0417 1Disciple Making Movements are progressing well in Malawi, with new churches regularly being planted.  The leaders that are emerging are amazingly dedicated and focused.

There leaders have overcome tremendous challenges.  They walk and travel long distances to plant new churches in new villages.

However, they also face big challenges in their personal and family lives.  Many of these men are unable to provide efficiently for their families.  Despite this, they continue the tireless work of taking the Good News of the Gospel to new regions.

This month we are launching a business initiative for these workers in Malawi.  Two church planters, shown in this picture, have each received a set of bicycles.  In Malawi, these bicycles are used to provide a Taxi service for paying clients.  Each bicycle is fitted with a custom-built passenger seat.  A set of five bicycles provides a business opportunity for the owner to begin his own Taxi service.

One bicycle costs about R1000 (approx. US$100).  We have managed to raise funds for five bicycles, but still need the funding for  a second set of bicycles.  This will launch two businesses and support the families of two church planters.

Would you like to bless a church planter with a business?  Please contact us if you would like to be part of this initiative.  The impact of your giving could last for years as it builds a business to keep the Gospel moving in Malawi.

2013-11-07-Broodryk-Addison-Kiev 1

David and Steve in Kiev

Steve Addison, author of “Movements that change the world” recently did an interview with me (David) in Mexico.  He tells me it is one of his more popular downloads.  The photo on the left was taken when Steve and I met for the first time in Kiev.

If ever you wondered what I do, this would be a great interview to listen to.  Steve is writing a book on movement catalysts and wants to use this interview to inform his book.  You can download the interview with Steve at here:


The world is 52% urban

The world is 52% urban

Disciple Making Movements have exploded exponentially with remarkable results in several cultures around the world.  But the urban/ city culture has not been as simple.  Several challenges have stunted the exponential multiplication of movements in cities.  Although churches and ministries abound in cities around the world, movements are not as common.

Our current methods, given the current population growth and rate of urbanisation, will not reach our cities.  We need exponentially multiplying movements in cities if we are serious about the Great Commission.

For the past four years I have been studying the obstacles to urban Disciple Making Movements.  I held various discussions and workshops in cities around the world.  Although we are still far from ‘cracking the code,’ we have made enormous progress in identifying the primary elements that make urban Disciple Making Movements possible.

Please continue to pray for us as we launch several projects in 2014 to address the challenge of urban movements.  I will let you know the specifics soon . . . watch this space!


A beach of hope for urban movements

A beacon of hope for urban movements

About 14 months ago a small, unlikely team embarked on a massive project.  The dream was to reach a city through a Disciple Making Movement.  Although these types of movements are exploding across the globe, there are still not too many examples in cities.

This band of about 8 people have grown into a team of 12, who facilitate a gathering of 30 and a movement of Discovery Groups that impacts about 150 people weekly.  The movement is called “Urban Expressions” because it facilitates a wide variety of disciple making expressions across Gauteng.

Although this is only the beginning, Urban Expressions is emerging as a beacon of hope for urban Disciple Making Movements.  The network is far from perfect and already has its fair share of “failure stories.”  But they also have some great impact stories.

God is doing a new thing.  It is exciting, fresh and very encouraging.  It is a movement.  It is church.  But be assured, it is unlike any church any of us have ever experienced before!

35 young leaders ask questions

35 young leaders ask questions

I have hope for South Africa.  Since Friday evening, I have even more hope than before.

35 young leaders were invited to spend the night in prayer, discovery of truth from scripture and leadership training.  The picture here was taken at about 1:30AM on Saturday morning.  I opened the floor for questions and these amazing young leaders asked the most thought-provoking questions.  I arrived at 11:00PM and left just before 03:00AM!  They continued for the remainder of the night, led by a lady who has a burning passion for discipling the next generation.

I am convinced that the future of our nation will be determined by our willingness to invest in young leaders such as these.    I have made a personal commitment to stretch beyond my personal comfort zone and hectic schedule in order to invest in young leaders such as these.  Over the next few months I will work out what this means practically.  It will not be easy.  Nor will it come without sacrifice.  But I am determined to see a new breed of leadership in this nation.

Let’s transform a nation.  Will you join me?

David Broodryk

Zionist baptism

Zionist mass baptism

You must watch this powerful, exciting video of Zionists coming to faith and being baptised.  It is under 4 minutes, but shows the raw story of the movement currently taking place in Zululand.  Watch as the leader (Person of Peace) is baptised and then the group follows.

The Zionist movement in South Africa is a syncretistic sect based on African Traditional Religion.  Despite their confusion and rejection of mainstream Christianity, many Zionists love God and are receptive to the truth.  Zululand is an area deeply controlled by witchcraft, curses and guidance through ancestral spirits.  BUT there is an exciting Disciple Making Movement underway that helps Zionists to discover God from scripture without expecting them to conform to Western Christian culture.  Watch the video and see how deliverance is taking place and people are turning to Christ, becoming obedient to Scripture, but retaining their culture.

As Zionist leaders are discovering Jesus, they and their followers are turning away from practices of divination and necromancy.  Many past attempts in this region have failed to challenge the prevailing worldview.  But now, as they discover God for themselves, they are falling in love with Jesus and entire communities are deciding to be baptised as followers of Christ.  Please pray that this movement would continue to spread and impact not only the lives of those seeking truth, but would also impact the destiny of South Africa as a nation!


Presentation training at Duarte

The year has begun!  I often feel a new year is like taking off in an airplane – a slow and gradual ascent.  But this year seems to have begun 10 000 feet in the air!

We will be launching a major initiative this year to facilitate the growth of urban movements globally.  The concept is called Accelerate!  An online training platform is being built to deliver Disciple Making Movement training to every city of the world! Please pray with us for guidance, wisdom and provision as we build this project.

Last week we gathered a team of people for training by Nancy Duarte ( – a top marketing and training company in San Jose.  The purpose of the training was to prepare an urban pioneer team to create momentum around the coming training.  It was inspiring, challenging and very exciting!

We will post more information as the project unfolds this year.  The target launch date at this stage is June 2014.

Standing outside the war museum in Kiev

Standing outside the war museum in Kiev

As I think back on this year, I reflect on the high cost of obedience to the command of Jesus to ‘Go and make disciples of all nations.’  There is a cost to my health, my relationships, my family, my finances and very often my sanity!  Several times over the past year I have been in a foreign country and felt lonely, unsafe or been physically sick.  (On this last trip, we were attacked by four men on a train trying to steal our luggage!).  Yet, I would do it all over again.  There is no better place to be than in the centre of God’s will.  You cannot buy the sense of purpose, the sense of being a history maker and the feeling that eternity is being changed!

As I look forward to next year, I am daunted by the enormity of the task, the readiness of the Harvest and the lack of workers.  For some unknown reason, God has left the eternal destiny of millions in  our hands.  How will they hear if we do not go?  I have so many countries to get to – places where leaders are crying for help, coaching and guidance.  I know that we can help them change their nations.  But oh, the vastness of the task!

Besides being in several countries next year, I will be leading an initiative to build an online training resource for global urban teams.  This is an unbelievably exciting project!  Teams in cities around the world will be able to access training, coaching and resources online.  We believe that this project has the potential to release new global Disciple Making Movements in a way we have never seen before!  The cost will be high – emotional, time, financial.  But we will be changing eternity!  Is there anything else truly worth giving our lives for?

Please consider partnering with us next year.  Not everyone can go to other nations.  But we also need prayer and financial support.  Every small token helps – and affects eternity.

In Him


“There are no ‘if’s’ in God’s world. And no placess that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety – let us pray that we may always know it!” Corrie ten Boom.

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